Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oh, hello. I haven't updated recently because nothing much is going on here. Brief run down of my day: Get up, sit in front of fire, go for a walk, sniff things, pee, have a 'kenny loggins', come in, have my paws wiped off, get cookie, lie on front of fire, move to bed, sleep, go for a walk.... repeat all day. It's been raining here too, and I don't like getting wet, so the only excercise I've had is chasing cats around. I got a scratch on the head from the fat orange mean one.

Here's a shot of what I like to do often. Today, it's still raining, but I am going out on the town. My mom has her 'lesbian' friend in town this week and she's no fan of dogs, but I think she's warming up to me after I gave her a quick rub and hump this morning. Plus, she's sleeping in my bed!


Ike's life said...

Kenny loggins is really funny.

Peanut said...

I like that shot of you laying on your back. I do that too.

MICHELLE said...

Hahahaha...Saidie you are too funny. So is your typist!

Ruby's Mom

Joe Stains said...

that sounds like a good routine you've got going there. I can't believe one of the cats scratched you, want me to come pee on it?

Nugget said...

Hi Saidie,
You are sooo cute! It's been raining alot here too. We are just south of you in Federal Way, WA (between Seattle and Tacoma). We finally had some sun today!

Peanut butter licks,

Tadpole said...

Aw come on - who DOESN'T love and rub and hump?!

Bentley & Niko said...

Our kitties are mean and scratchy too, and they turn in seconds, like one minute their nice and the next they're hissing!

Little Buster said...

Damn cats. My mom has five of them.

Do you get to sleep with your mom's friend? I'd fart and snort a lot so she gets to know me.

Toby said...

Hi Saidie!~ Happen to stumble across your blog and it's GREAT to see another fellow BC doggy blogy! Your Mommy likes to put clothes on you too huh? I feel for yah!! My Mommy has that "issue" too...hehehe.

Luv, Tobes