Monday, March 12, 2007

New shirt

My mom was at Old Navy and got me this silly shirt. My dad said, "not pink!!! and I'm not walking her in that!" but she bought it anyway. Mom says pink makes me look like a little girl.

First of all, I hate wearing it. It's too big right now, but it's still uncomfortable.

I'm trying to bite it off.

But, on the bright side - I got a a new toy. I stuffed frog whose eyes I have already yanked off. Eyes are brain food.


Maggie said...

I agree - toys are better than clothes but you do look pretty snazzy in that pink shirt!

Love ya lots,

Suki said...

Yay for new toys! I don't yank the eyes off, though; I prefer the nose.

I like your shirt, it makes you look very pretty :)
Thanks for visiting my blog!
Puggy kisses xoxo

Peanut said...

Your pink shirt looks very nice on you. Oh I haven't ever played with a stuffed frog but we get real ones in the backyard that I try to play with but mom and dad yell at me.

Joe Stains said...

you look NICE in your pink shirt! frogs don't need eyes!

PiratesGrrl said...

We think you look adorable in that shirt!

The Brat Pack

Bogart said...

I agree that toys are better than clothes, but I have to say that you look adorable in yours!!!


Ike's life said...

My mom buys me clothes all the time - she bought me an itchy wool sweater at TJMaxx the other day because it was on clearance (she's one of those people) but I have to admit it is really warm and I look kind of dapper in it, but come on, I don't need a whole wardrobe!

Tadpole said...

Hi Saidie! I feel like I know you because you look like my sister and have the same name as my cousin! I have to wear clothes all the time too... I can relate. Toys DO help, though!

Nugget said...

Hi Saidie,
I agree, toys are good. Shirts-not so much.

Jemma said...


I definitely should teach you my method of taking shirts off! I just rub myself against any surface I can find (beds are the best for this!). Drag myself along in the direction that my shirt will slip off.. and ta-da! For this reason, Mum always dresses me last, so I don't have a chance to take it off.