Saturday, March 3, 2007

Hi friends!

I haven't had the opportunity to update lately because my typist fell in the shower on Wednesday and has been milking it ever since, hence no typing. But I've been extra nice to my mom ever since, giving her extra licks and stuff. Plus, I haven't peed on the carpet in eons.

I was pretty excited to go out this morfning, and my Mom & Dad even took me to two places. The beach and the boardwalk! I sniffed some new friends and even got a liver treat from a nice lady.

I had a fairly traumatic experience though when my dad threw my precious Cuz and it went crashing into the ocean! I'm scared of the big water and the waves and my friend kept floating further and further out to sea! I could barely watch I was so scared! But a big wave crashed in and brought my old pal back. Close one!

There's lots of wood on the beach and I was licking tonnes of it. I had to keep posing and smiling too, which was exhausting. Like, I think she has enough pictures of me.

They say the camera puts on 10 pounds. Sigh.

Although I quite like this portrait of me. It is a huge knot of wood and I like to play in it. Many good smells there too.

Some lady wasn't very nice to us when we were finishing our walk today and my mom was mad after. Something about a bylaw and me not on a leash. Listen, that ladyh smelled like mothballs so I wasn't going anywhere near her anyway. I was minding my own business and sniffing delicious smells, day dreaming of liver treats and chasing birds. Some people should just shut up and not ruin other people's days!!!


&hearts Saidie.


Maggie said...

OMG you almost lost your Cuz at sea??!! Thank goodness he was rescued! Whew!

Love ya lots,

Peanut said...

glad your typist is better now. Nice outing you had. Your poor cuz was probably terrified to be out at sea and was happy to be back. That picture of you in the knot of wood is very good.

Joe Stains said...

my goodness that cuz story is the scariest story I ever heard.

Ruby Cupcake said...

Hi Saidie,
My Mommy FINALLY did a blog for me-Come see it! I put some pretty pictures of you on there. Talk to you soon. Olive is driving me crazy today!! BFF xoxo

Ike's life said...

Holy cow that was a close one with the Cuz!!!! You are very lucky to live in a cool place with a beach and driftwood and no snow and I am very jealous and you look really pretty in the picture with the wood knot.

MJ's doghouse said...

wowo Sadie...maybe that lady was just having a grumpy day...when people are grumpy at me i just lick them all really irks them...but i get a good laugh out of it...they would think they are being poisoned by doggy slobber