Saturday, February 17, 2007

So sleepy...

My mom was quick enough to take this picture of me in my sleepiness the other night while I was snuggling with my dad. I just opened my eyes... damn flash!

Aren't I we cute? I like to sleep with my head on his shoulder, and sometimes he holds my paw in his hand. I love him.

It's a shame that sometimes my mom has to sleep on the couch. Between the farting and snoring she barely gets a good night's rest, she says. My dad should be better behaved in bed, because it certainly isn't me!!!


Maggie said...

Your mom has to sleep on the couch??? And you hog dad all to yourself??!!! hehehehe You're pretty smart Sadie!


Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Welcome to blogging Saidie! I found your site thru Joe Stains site. Have you joined Dogs with Blogs yet? If you haven't, you should. We are just like a world wide family.


Nugget said...

Hi Saidie, I like to sleep in the big bed too, but I sleep with my Mum. Dad says we both snore! It's just are way of keeping the bed all to ourselves.

Little Buster said...

Snorting and farting is what we Boston's do best. Always giving.

PiratesGrrl said...

Hi! We found you through Joe Stains site and wanted to say you're pretty cute!

The Brat Pack