Saturday, February 17, 2007

My dad and I were out for a walk last night and we were almost attacked and maimed by a crazed rotteweiler. Lucky for me it was my dad walking me and not my mom cuz he grabbed me and held me close to him as the crazy dog was lunging at us. Dad was screaming loud and then we went home and I sat next to my mom all night, getting lots of extra treats because I had a little lump on my back from that stupid dog. My mom thought that my dad was having a heart attack when he came in carrying me! It was a bad night.

Plus there was alot of chocolate that I was only able to sniff and not eat around.

I hope that this weekend is better than the last few days. Although, I heard that Britney done gone lost her mind and shaved her head. It's a crazy world out there!

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Cubby said...

Poor baby! I hope you feel better soon.