Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer lovin

Really this is not my Elvis impression. I had some grass stuck in my upper lips.

I wish she'd stop with the damn photos and focus on the frisbee throwing. Focus, woman, focus!

That shirt that my mom is wearing makes her look fat. It's that peasant style - she's really not that fat. Also, I'd be in trouble is I was up on the table like Molly. Molly gets away with it because she's extremely cute.

I need a vacation. playing is tiresome.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rest in Peace, Ruby

Another sad day for my mom and me. Ruby Cupcake died this morning after being at the vet for almost the last week. She had been having seizures for a while, but last Saturday she started having lots and went to the vet then. She got to go home on Friday with her humans (my mom's bff), but they started again this morning. Ruby didn't fight them, it was time to go over the rainbow bridge.

Ruby was only 8 months old. :(

Sad Saidie ♥

I love a good stick

Where did the summer go? I got tothe park this morning and it was very wet and there was this mist hanging in the air. Those damn birds are hard to see and they kept diving at me out of no where. I'm just hanging out with this stick I found, waiting for some friends to show up.

It seems like all of my posts have my friend Molly in them. That's okay because I always have a great time with her at the park.

We ate this stick until there was nothing left.

I played so hard that I slept all afternoon.....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's a sad day in the terrier world. Lulu died today, she was just 2 years old. My mom is very sad. Rest in peace, Lulu. I will miss all your crazy stories and pictures.


My dad has been gone all week because his grandma passed away and he went to a place called Winnipeg. I have been looking all over the place for him though. I keep sniffing him. I can't wait until he comes back.

Even though I get alot of nice walks with my mom and I met a couple of Frenchies this week and I had a few speciual treats this week so far. Tomorrow night my mom is having a girl's night and for sure I'll get all sorts of treats called appetizers. I love cheese. I also like to lick wine glasses when no one is looking, but I got in serious trouble for that last time.

It's late and I'm extremely exhausted. It's way past my bed time.

♥ Saidie.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Hi there-

There is a little Boston Terrier that is very sick. She has been at the vet since last week experiencing kidney failure. Her humans are very sad and Lulu is very loved on a Boston Terrier community that my mom is on.

If you have ever had a dog that has been sick, please donate a few dollars via paypal to Lulu's mom Genevieve. Even a few dollars would help.

Please visit this link to do so. Lulu Please read their story, it's so heartbreaking.

♥ Saidie

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Saturday playdate!

Molly & I have an unspoken Saturday playdate. Remember, I never bark (I've only barked 4 times in my whole life!) and Molly is pretty quiet too, but we always seem to end up at the park at the same time each week. The humans are very intuitive to our needs.

We usually start off the date with a good game of chase. We are pretty fast and watch out becayuse we can knock down humans we are so fast and strong. This week after a quick game of bitey face, we played a game of tug for the 1st time. It was sweet.

Check out my new green ball. Made by Cuz!

There were no other dogs that we are friends with at the park, so we had the whole time to play together. Yay for no boy dogs, they are always trying to get fresh with us and it's hard to play when someone is always sniffing your a$$ or trying to hump you even though they have had the snip. Molly's dad went home to bring us some balls (like soccer balls) to play with - and boy was it fun. I took home one of Molly's balls and played with it all night. I killed it this morning though. :(

Aren't we the cutest terriers?

♥ Saidie

Saturday, July 7, 2007

I am a good girl.

I have been trying to be very, very good. The crate has yet to arrive. I think I have been good enough to stop the crate.

I am so good and so nice that I gave my friend Molly my red Cuz. Molly likes to play with her at the park with me and I let her take it home last Saturday. Molly's dad sent me a picture of Molly sleeping next to my Cuz.

I am going to the park to see Molly in 1 hour. I am happy. I am a good girl.