Monday, July 9, 2007

Hi there-

There is a little Boston Terrier that is very sick. She has been at the vet since last week experiencing kidney failure. Her humans are very sad and Lulu is very loved on a Boston Terrier community that my mom is on.

If you have ever had a dog that has been sick, please donate a few dollars via paypal to Lulu's mom Genevieve. Even a few dollars would help.

Please visit this link to do so. Lulu Please read their story, it's so heartbreaking.

♥ Saidie


Maggie said...

She's just beautiful and she had that same Tanner dot on her head! I hope she gets better soon. She's too little to be sick!

Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...

Hi Saidie! I'm Bruin. I'm so happy that everyone is trying to help out LuLu! She's my friend too!